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Unveiling the Perks of Display Boards: An Invaluable Asset for your Coding Crew


Hello everyone, I am Emre Sanden, a young, enthusiastic full-stack developer working at Our organization specializes in info screen software, and today, I'd like to share some insights on the immense potential these digital boards hold for your software development team.

On-the-spot Status Updates

One of the crucial advantages of display boards is the instantaneous visual representation of key project data. It includes software application insights, updates on code integration, bug identification, testing coverage, deployment stats, and the list goes on.

Having a quick peek at these metrics right on your office wall helps the team stay in sync with project progress, making it easy to identify areas of focus. A study by Harvard Business Review reveals that real-time performance feedback can help to boost team output by a considerable 20%. Besides, it significantly cuts down the time spent on meetings to discuss numbers, freeing up more time for the team to concentrate on their core task: software creation.

Prompt Action on Crashes and Downtime

Software crashes and downtime are inevitable, but what makes the difference is how swiftly your team responds to these mishaps. This is where a digital display board steps in, providing real-time crash updates and system status, which in turn ensures a faster response and, subsequently, improved system stability and performance.

Promoting a Unified Team Atmosphere

Info screens are not just about metrics and crash reports. They serve as an excellent medium to foster team unity by displaying team calendars, birthdays, work anniversaries, fun facts, trivia, or even upcoming team activities.

As pointed out by Harvard Business School, workplaces that cultivate a "fun" atmosphere see a notable rise in the innovative spirit, dedication, and efficiency of their employees. This can also help alleviate stress and burnout, common issues in the tech world.

Spreading Positive Vibes

Display boards can also be used to share motivational quotes, success stories, positive notes from team leaders, or even acknowledge exceptional team players and project milestones. Recognizing the hard work and dedication of employees and providing them with positive reinforcement can significantly boost their morale and drive.

Forbes highlights that employee recognition can lead to improved satisfaction and increased engagement. Companies that regularly recognize their employees are found to have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates.

Wrapping Up

In summary, digital display boards or info screens, as we call them at, serve as a multi-functional solution to many challenges faced by software development teams. They provide rapid access to crucial data, facilitate quick response to system issues, help in creating a team-centric environment, and spread positivity.

By embracing display boards, you are making a strategic investment that can radically enhance the efficiency, productivity, and spirit of your coding crew. They can empower your team, strengthen your software development processes, and eventually contribute to the overall success of your company.