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Hosting Static HTML pages on Vercel


A few days ago, a friend asked me if it was possible to host a static HTML page on Vercel. After examining how Vercel hosting works, I found it is essentially a Node.JS host.

To make it easier for others, I created a GitHub repo template for hosting HTML on Vercel. You can find it here:

Here's a walkthrough on how to set up the GitHub repo with Vercel:

  1. Start by cloning the repo (or use it as a template) image

  2. Go to and log in with your GitHub account.

  3. Create a new project and import it from GitHub image image

  4. Select your GitHub repo and press import image

  5. Under project settings, customize your build settings: Build command: npm run start Install command: npm install image

  6. Press deploy, and Vercel will handle the project deployment automatically.

  7. If everything is set up correctly, you should see a page similar to this: image

  8. You'll get a domain from Vercel, such as

  9. After the Vercel deployment is set up, add your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to the public folder on GitHub. Vercel will automatically deploy any changes.